IT Landscape

 IT Surroundings Essay

The IT Landscape


What is IT?

How can IT work?

The THAT environment

Product sales & THIS

Q& A

What is IT?

THIS – I . t

Information can be data which has been

given a meaning.

It truly is All varieties of technologies utilized to

create, retail outlet, exchange, procedure & work with


Data Vs . Data

02134 is definitely data with no meaning

Once plugged into Map quest, 02134

becomes a squat code designating a

specific location. At that time, the

data has been processes or presented a

which means. It is now information

How does THAT work? -- Hardware

THAT involves combination of hardware & software

 Hardware –

Hardware is actually a physical component of IT

You can view it and touch this

Example – Computer

Hardware components –

End points – Computer/laptop/desktop



Social networking

How does IT work? - Software

Software –

Applications are a program or set of recommendations written by a


These instructions inform a computer what should do

Example –

Microsoft Business office (Word, Stand out, Power Point)

Microsoft Prospect

Enterprise Useful resource Planning

How can IT operate? - OS

Main system –

Hardware & Software are not able to communicate directly with every

other. They just do not speak a similar language.

The main system allows hardware & computer software to communciate

Model –

Microsoft -- Windows

APPLE – AIX, System my spouse and i


Unix type of OPERATING-SYSTEM (Linux, GNU)


IT/ITeS portfolio





Business Procedure Outsourcing (BPO)

Services and solutions


AP/AR/Payroll/Claims/Medical Transcription/ GL/Asset Supervision etc .

Talking to services


Remedy blue-print

Business process talking to

Software Services

Software Development & Maintenance (ADM)

Custom made development of applications

Integration among applications/systems

Assessment & QA

Ongoing support and protection (bug maintenance tasks, software efficiency, enhancements etc . )

Organization Solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM)



Assessment and audit

Business process umschlusselung

Architecture expansion

Technology talking to

Customizations & enhancements

Post- Implementation

Support & on-going maintenance



Advancements and bolt-on

IT solutions landscape

Infrastructure Management

Business Intelligence / Data Storage (BI/DW)

Helpdesk support services – Level one particular, 2, a few

Managed companies and distant monitoring

Network management alternatives

Requirement assessments


Execution (products just like Cognos, Business objects (bo) etc . ) Support

ISV development

Independent Application Vendors (Microsoft, BMC Computer software, SAP and so forth ) Item co-development, R& D, Merchandise re-engineering

Screening and QA

ITeS services landscape


Voice primarily based

Technical helpdesk

Customer service

Back office

Method outsourcing (AP, AR, GL, Payroll and so forth )

THAT Environment & Buyers

IT issues are managed in the IT department

(Management Information Systems, IT, EDP)

Decision makers – Hardware

Key Information official

VP of infrastructure

Director of facilities

Key Influencers– Hardware

Network Manager

Network Administrator

THAT Environment & Buyers

IT issues will be handled inside the IT division

(Management Information Systems, THIS, EDP)

Decision makers – Software

Chief Information police officer

Chief Technology Officer

Director – THIS


Director/VP – App

Key Influencers– Hardware

IT Administrator

Development Supervisor

System Expert

Industry honnete




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