SOAPSTone Bush emmergency 911 Speech

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Title: " Bush 9/11 Speech”____________________

Creator: George W. Bush (or speechwriter)


The presenter is George W. Bush, the relatively recent, then-president states.


The occasion was your aftermath with the terrorist disorders of Sept. 2010 11, 2001, which motivated this speech which was televised later that same time. One can imagine the nation was at a state of shock, with emotions operating high.


The primary target audience for this presentation is the American public as a whole, with most likely a special emphasis on those who are grieving the loss of family members and those who participated in the rescue attempts. The talk is also intended to reach non-American audiences. The type of audience is a terrorists who also carried out the attacks and any nations around the world that supported them. This individual also may end up being speaking to various other non-friendly international locations as a sort of warning.


One goal Bush acquired was to assure the American people that almost everything is in order. Also, to show condolence and give comfort to the whole land. Another goal was to focus on America's unremitting power to additional nations who have might be under the impression that America was weakened by attacks. Finally, Bush is usually issuing a warning for the terrorist groupings who carried out these disorders and their supporters that they are inside the sights in the American federal government.


The subject of the talk is the terrorist attacks of 9/11, plus the government's respond to the disorders.


The tone from the speech starts out in a caring, sympathetic voice, where the leader expresses sadness and sorrow for those who have passed away. In section 5 in the speech, however , the sculpt shifts to 1 of national pride and patriotism. When he describes the government's reaction to the attacks, the tone of the presentation again changes to one of command and authority. His final strengthen is threatening to those whom perpetrated the attacks.


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