Informative Speech/Outline Vegetarians

 Informative SpeechOutline Vegetarians Dissertation

Topic: Vegetarians.

General purpose: To inform.

Certain Purpose: To see my audience about two top types of Non-meat eaters.

Central Thought: There are two top types of Vegetarians: vegetarian and vegan.


There are non-meat eaters all over the world. They just want what many people want: great food and a choice. And some people become vegetarians because of the religion, their culture, plus the place they will live.

You will discover different kinds of vegetarians. Some vegetarians do not take in beef or red fulfill, but they consume chicken and fish. Some do not take in red meat, fish and chicken, but they take in cheese, rechausser, eggs, dairy, and other animal products. Different vegetarians usually do not use something that comes from a creature. Some don't wear made of woll because it causes harm to the sheep, don't use man made fiber because it injure silkworms, and do not eat honey because they don't want to hurt bees. Other vegans only consume vegetables; however , they do not get rid of plants. For examples, they do not eat pumpkin or potatoes because after they pick these people, the plant dies. They will eat apples or pears because picking all of them does not harm the plant. Some vegetarians will not kill or perhaps hurt virtually any animals – not even take flight or a bug! Can you believe? There are many different types of non-meat eaters, and there are many different people, whom are vegetarian. According the study of Veggie Research Group in 2012 the amount of Americans who are vegetarian is about 8. 8 mil.

Connective: Today I would like to share with you regarding two leading types of vegetarians: the very first is vegetarian and the second is vegan.

1 ) The 1st group can be vegetarian.

A. Pescatarian. The world " pescatarian” can be occasionally used to describe people who abstain from eating all beef and dog flesh wish the exemption of fish. B. Flexitarian/Semi-vegetarian is a term recently gave to describe those who eat a typically vegetarian diet, but sometimes eat meats, but only chicken and fish. C. The next can be...

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