Internal Business Environment

Section a couple of: BUSINESS EXPERTISE

Topic 6th: The Internal Organization Environment

Objectives: By the end of this unit students should be able to: - Describe the structure of internal organization environment

Identify the importance of OHS in internal business

Discuss any office roles and functions

Recognize the importance of good customer service.

The interior Business Environment

The internal business environment best viewed as the extent to which resources, as well as the ability to deploy them, will certainly generate and sustain competitive advantage.

The interior business environment has a direct impact on the company such as •the company structure,

•culture, resources and


These types of internal elements have a bearing around the strategy and also other decisions of the business while discussed beneath. Strengths, Disadvantages, Opportunities, Hazards (SWOT Analysis)

From the business goals you have determined in the first step of business planning, that can be done an internal business environment check out using the SWOT analysis structure, although this can be optional for now. SWOT basically represents Strengths, Weaknesses, Options and Risks. Strengths and Weaknesses happen to be internal although Opportunities and Threats represents external factors. Nonetheless, there is absolutely no harm going a step further more to find out what are factors that contribute to the accomplishment of your business. ________________________________________

Structure of Interior Business

Some examples are displayed below:

Significance of OHS in internal Organization

Occupational into the safety (OHS) is an important workplace behaviour -- if we may prevent damage, illness and death at your workplace then most Fiji will benefit. Every year, nearly 1, 000 Fijians are injured, made sick and tired or die due to their function. With approximately cost for the economy of $. a few billion every year, imagine the rewards for each organization, and the Condition, if we may reduce this number. Superior OHS training and practice will assist all of us in reducing this expense and producing the workplace safer for everyone.

Identifying problems

The process of discovering and mending potential problems in the workplace is known as hazard management - an easy procedure where you assess and control the chance of hazards to workers. Identifying hazards at work

A place of work hazard is usually something that provides the potential to injury the health and safety of men and women at work.

Some examples of workplace problems are:

Manual Controlling

Manual managing includes virtually any activity that needs a person to lift up, push, draw, carry, hold or maneuver an object, person or factor. The fat of the subject, frequency of manual controlling, avoiding abrupt or dried meats movements, organizing the move or lift, lighting and surfaces all need to be considered. Plant

Plant includes every tools, machinery and products in the workplace. Poor design, poor maintenance, inexperience and insufficient training enhances the risk of personal injury from herb and equipment for providers. Noise

Excessive noise could cause permanent hearing loss and is one of the most common source of hearing loss in adult males. Hearing problems limits someone�s ability to speak at work, house and socially. There is no medical therapy and about hearing aids offer limited benefit. Hazardous Substances

A hazardous material is any kind of substance, that may potentially damage the health and safety of workers. Brands and materials safety data sheets (MSDS) provide OHS information about the compound.

You can identify hazards simply by:

•Checking records of injuries and illnesses that contain occurred in businesses. •Talking in people.

•Reading publications such as the OHSW Restrictions and Unique codes of Practice which discover potential hazards. Walking through and inspecting the workplace to get situations that may cause damage.

Ensure health and safety of Employees


Employers ought to consult with personnel and reps before making any changes that may affect the health and safety...

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