Positive Responses Amplifier


The process of applying a fraction of output energy of a few device returning to the suggestions is known as reviews. FEEDBACK AMP:

The augmenter using feed back process is called reviews amplifier. TYPES OF OPINIONS AMPLIFIER:

There are two types of feedback amp:

a)Positive feedback amplifier

b)Negative feedback amp


> The amplifier in which reviews energy is definitely applied inside the same polarity or in same stage is called because positive reviews amplifier. > It boosts the voltage gain of augmenter.

> Through this distortion is far more.

> It has increased lack of stability.

> It seldom applied as a great amplifier. Mainly used in oscillator.


> The amplifier in which feedback energy is applied inside the opposite polarity or out of period with type is called adverse feedback amplifier. > This decreases the voltage gain.

> From this distortion is less.

> It can be more secure.

> It is mostly used because an augmenter.


> Block diagram of negative feedback amp:

> A=Voltage gain with no feedback.

Af=voltage gain with feedback.

Vi=Input signal to be amplified.

Vo= Output signal of amp

Vd=Actual suggestions signal towards the amplifier.

Vf= Feedback transmission applied to input side.

m=feedback fraction

> From obstruct diagram it can be clear that,

m=Vf/Vo i. e. Vf=mVo


Again A=Vo/Vd my spouse and i. e. Vo=AVd=A(Vi-mVo)

i. e. Vo=AVi-AmVo

i. e. Vo+AmVo=AVi

i. elizabeth. Vo(1+mA)=AVi


Af=1/(! +mA)

It is clear that volts gain with feedback lessens by a element (1+mA). BENEFITS OF NEGATIVE OPINIONS AMPLIFIER:

1-Resultant gain is usually independent of transistor guidelines or supply voltage varying. Hence...

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