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The Coca Cola Company

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Why Coca-Cola? 4


History of the Coca Coca-cola Company6














Products and brands18

Headquarter of Coca-Cola Company20

Branches of Coca-Cola Company21

The Pepsi Company Cultural Dimension23

Skol Company Monetary Reports (2008)24

Year 08 Balance Sheet Report24

Year 08 Income Assertion Report26

Season 2008 Cashflow Report29

Pepsi Company Economical Reports (2009)32

Year 2009 Balance Sheet Report32

Year 2009 Income Affirmation Report34

Yr 2009 Earnings Report37

The Coca-Cola Business Policy39

Business Political Contributions39

The Article of Coca-Cola Political Contributions40

History of Bottling45

Millennium Development Goals48

The Coca-Cola System Improvements New Alternatives For Economic Development48

Doing work as a Global Team49


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Why Coca-Cola?


he reason why we choose Coca-Cola as our project company is really because Coca-Cola is a very big multi-national company and also already known of its products. If somebody speaks about Coca-Cola it will be automatically carbonated soft drink picture in their mind because Pepsi is already be with our life in too long time and very well known. Coca soda can be found in just about any single region in the world. And why you decide to use this company is basically because most of us enjoy and like to drink cocaina cola by our food time, thus then we decide to choose this provider to search more deeply inside the business. When the means of doing this task we themselves seems like taking pleasure in finding the resource because this is a company that produce globally favorite beverages from every time.


The Skol Company is the world's primary maker of soft drinks, selling 1 . three or more billion refreshment servings daily. Coca-Cola's red and white trademark is just about the best-known company symbol in the world. Headquartered as its founding in Atlanta, Pepsi makes several of the five soft drinks in the world, Coca-Cola in number one and Diet Coke, Fanta, and Sprite by numbers three through five. The company as well operates among the world's most pervasive circulation systems, providing its nearly 400 drink products much more than 2 hundred countries around the world. Nearly per cent of revenue are produced outside North America, with profits breaking down as follows: North America, 30 percent; Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle section East, thirty-one percent; Asia, 24 percent; Latin America (including Mexico), 10 percent; and Africa, 5 percent. Among the company's goods are a variety of carbonated drinks (including the aforementioned brands and many others, such as Fresca, Barq's, and Cherry and Vanilla Coke); sports refreshments (POWERade and Aquarius); fruit drinks and juice drinks (Minute Maid, Fruitopia, Hi-C, Five Alive, Qoo, Maaza, and Bibo); teas (Sokenbicha and Marocha); espressos (Georgia); and bottled marine environments (Ciel, Dasani, and Bonaqua). Moreover, the organization holds the rights for the Schweppes, Canada Dry, Doctor Pepper, and Crush brands outside of The united states, Europe, and Australia. Coca-Cola's development as one of the most effective and respected firms on the globe has been acknowledged to proficiency in several basic areas: consumer promoting, infrastructure (production and distribution), product packaging, and customer (or vendor) advertising.

History of the Coca Diet coke Company



Might 8. Coca-Cola is created by simply John T. Pemberton and served at Jacobs' Drug-store. Nine beverages a day are sold during this 12 months. Company scrivener, Frank Johnson, names the drink " Coca-Cola and thinking the 2 Cs would look well at advertising, writing instruments the famous Spencerian script logo. The initially newspaper ad appears launching Coca-Cola being a " Delightful and Rejuvenating Beverage. ” 1887

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