BTEC Unit 1 Assignment one particular

 BTEC Device 1 Task 1 Article

Learning Assignment you: Organising a company

P1: " Describe the type of business, goal and ownership of two contrasting businesses” P3: " Describe just how two companies are organized”

1 ) Introduction

Illustrate briefly the things you are expected to do for this project, and how you can expect to work out the various tasks. I'm going to learn about how a business performs and how really all organized. 2 . Theory

A. List at least 4 several business types, with regards to in which the company operates. Local – in a single city or town

National – multiple businesses in a country

International – multiple businesses in multiple country's with regards to only to trading Global – multiple businesses in country's and production B. List at least 3 different business groups, with regards to the reason for the company. Private – for profit just

Public- to get helping citzens

Voluntary – non profit

C. List at least 5 various kinds of company control.

Sole speculator


Federal government Agency

Non-public Limited Organization

Public Limited Company

Deb. List for least a few possible purposes/aims for a organization.

To deliver the very best service

To achieve the people the best discount quality item

To make good profits

To become international

To continue a family tradition

E. List and illustrate at least three different ones how businesses can be arranged. 1 . By functional region: groups of individuals who are divided in different area's such as accounting, marketing and manufacturing. 2 . Simply by product or service: that separates the business by goods, activities, jobs, or geography. This allows the business to have a particular focus on certain items in the business functions 3. simply by customer type: you have diverse customer types you have selling businesses they sell their merchandise to customers that's a organization customer company. You also have business to business that's in all of sale gowns also a company way.

several. Evidence

A. For each in the two picked companies, create a table or listing (see next page for example) with the pursuing information: Shop:

The business type of this company, with a description.

A explanation to your choice.

Business sector:

The company sector in which this company works, with a explanation. A clear description for your choice.

Type of control:

The type of title of this company, with a information.

A clear justification for your choice.

A brief description how the the liability for financial obligations is set up, for this kind of ownership. Purposes/aims:

At least 2 purposes/aims of this business.

B. For each and every of the two selected companies, give the next information (see below pertaining to an example): Provide an efficiency diagram of this company, which includes these efficient areas. Identify the style of efficiency structure of this company. Clarify clearly how come you choose that style of organisational structure. List the 5 most important useful areas of this business.

Describe the actions of these practical areas and just how they align with each other



Business types:

(incl. an explanation of your choice)

Global: they earn the

product in their own factory's in different country's

Global: because they deliver their solutions in multiple country's and have their head office in multiple country's Organization sector:

(incl. an explanation of the choice)

Personal: because they sell their products for a profit

Voluntary: since they are a non profit organisation they give their services pertaining to no money. That they only gather money to give it to individuals. Type of control:

(incl. an explanation of your choice)

Liability to get debts:

personal limited business: because it is owned by a owner or group 2 weeks . foundation because they give providers and they want nothing inturn. Business purposes/aims:

(at least 2 aims)

Make earnings


Give a product or service

Provide education

Organisational style:

(incl. an explanation of your choice)

By area: mainly because...

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