Btec Level several

 Essay regarding Btec Level 3

Woodwork, plaster plank and door and fire-door and France door.

* Home going through conservatory- full framework with epistyle with move French door. Fitting almost eight hinges and 4 manages with 1 inter locks/keys and 2 door-stopper. Wood made window seal with circular edge. Roof coving for the whole home ceiling. Four ceiling-corners will be fitted with coving. Skirting panel will be fitted in the kitchen place. Fit threshold plaster board and skimmed/plastering. All steaming will be boxed with timber/plasterboard and skimmed. £1155 + £300 in oak/varnish,

2. Conservatory through lounge wooden frame. Skirting board will probably be fitted in the conservatory. Most piping will be boxed/with timber/plaster board/skimmed. £700+£70 in oal/varnish

* Out house floor will fit with level timber/fire floors board/underlay and laminated. £250

5. Main community hall seal one entrance with wooden framework with fireplace glass. Primary lounge- wood frame with architrave with French door, six hinges with 5 handles and locks with two stoppers. In primary lounge, the second door with wooden door architrave flames door with 3 handles and tresses. Skirting board will be built in the main living room. Main lay plastering threshold plaster panel. Al plumbing will be encased with timber//plaster board and skimmed. £1275+200 in Oak/varnish

* Floor lounge, through lounge, fermeture lounge to the entrance will probably be levelled with timber/fire flooring board/underlay and laminated. £350

* Exterior electric shower room corridor fit timber/floor board/underlay and laminated. £125

* Under stairs toilet- surrounding wall with timber with plaster board/skimmed. Ceiling with plaster panel and skimmed fit new door casings, architrave gates, 3 handles and 1 door fasten. £425

* Corridor inside the lounge- complete skirting table and ceiling coving all the way up. Fit limit plaster plank and plastering. £250+70 in Oak/varnish

5. Ground floor Room near entrance- Fit French door with frame epistyle 6 handles locks and...

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