A 9-Cell Sector Attractiveness/Business Durability Matrix Presenting P&G and Gillette's Business Units

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 Essay on A 9-Cell Industry AttractivenessBusiness Durability Matrix Showing PG and Gillette’s Business Units


|Date of initial purchase |February 2007 | |% held (Eurazeo) |13. 2 % | |Total purchase |€52 million

2 European innovator in commercial and business vehiclesВ rental

Fraikin mainly offers long-term procurment (2 to 7 years) of commercial and industrial automobiles as well as short-term rental alternatives (1 day time to 12 months), fl eet management and vehicle maintenance alternatives. The Group operates in Italy, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, The country, Poland, Slovak republic, Czech Republic and Swiss.

|Revenues |€694 million, - 1 . 6%

|EBITA |€112 , 000, 000, + 4. 6%

3 2011 Performance

In a rather negative economic context where a large number of customers and prospects weren't inclined to commit to many years, preferring to favor short-term rentals, the Fraikin Group's business dropped slightly (-1. 4%). Initial rentals (14% of revenues) increased by 11%, permanent leasing (74% of revenues) decreased by 3. seven percent and other invoicing (advertising, fleet management... ) was secure at +0. 3%. Revenue of applied vehicles produced capital increases at a level well furthermore of 2010 and the marketplace remains solid. Efforts built to find new sales stations for these used vehicles had been successful. Functioning income eliminating capital increases continued to enhance due to the increase in profits and the common net worth of the fleet. В

5 2012 Prospect

The main developments at the beginning of the 2012 period were the following: • To get long-term procurment, the stock portfolio of prospective customers in process is encouraging and the amount of investment is still high • The short-term business remains stable, specifically in England • Revenue of utilized cars still permit us to realize capital gains The group's goal is to preserve high perimeter levels and be able to adapt quickly to within business quantity. The refinancing of debt for the fleets in France, the UK and Italy is...

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