Definition of an Exemplification Essay

If you know what argumentative essay is, writing anexemplification essay won’t be a problem for you. This type ofessay is a more involved version. When proving a point, you needto use specific examples, including facts and numbers.


It’s difficult, but it is better to begin beforehand. The sooneryou begin thinking over the subject of your paper, the more timeyou will have to gather all the required sources and materials.When you’re thinking about a certain issue, the information seemsto come from everywhere.

In the very beginning, it is highly recommended to draw up a planand write down what you know on the topic. When you seeeverything on paper, you will have an idea about what you alreadyhave and what you still need to collect. Make a list of questionsthat will help you move in the right direction. When you startstudying the material, new and more specific questions willarouse, and you will be able to find answers to them.

Overcoming Fear

Even the most experienced writers at the start of work sometimeshave feelings of fear and indecision. However, you just need tostart writing to make the writing process moving. You can beginfrom any section. The most important thing is just to keepwriting without worrying about the spelling and punctuation.These will be your initial sketches of your thoughts on thesubject and after that go on to formatting the structure of yourexemplification essay.

If you type on a computer, it will be easier for you to changethe fragments and paragraphs moving them into different parts ofthe text, grouping them in various ways. However, if you’rewriting with a pen in your note book, you can leave some roombetween theses in order to add more information later if you haveany.

Just attempt to write the paper to develop the basic idea. If, inthe end, you will get the beginning (entry), the middle (thefundamental part), and the ending (conclusion), then everythingwas done right.


The entry should have some details on the subject of the paper.Maybe you can indicate the key moments or explain how youunderstand the issue. Also, provide a list of aspects of thesubject you will be studying and why.

Keep in mind that you are working on an essay not a novel, so youneed to choose only a few main statements that disclose thesubject. You should include a clear idea in the entry, the onethat you will discuss later. Your teacher should see that you aregiving an answer to a row of questions that you set.

A good entry should do the following:

  • Show your purpose to answer the question posed.
  • Demonstrate that you comprehend the topic.
  • Highlight the structure of your answer and the basic ideasthat you will examine (outline).
  • Prove that you have done some research, and give referencesto one of your sources.
  • Completely compatible with the topic.
  • Be precise and occupy 8–9% of the whole text volume (forexample, 120 words in a paper of 1,500 words).

If it is easier for you to understand the number of charactersand not the number of words, keep in mind that one word onaverage consists of 6 characters (with the spaces), i.e., a500-word essay has about of 3,000 characters including spaces.

Begin a composition with the main phrase that will show thedirection of your answer.

  • This paper is dedicated to...
  • This task will examine...
  • This report gives an analysis to...

You can apply the similar or the same words as in the topic ofthe paper. If the question is like “Analyze latest developmentsin communication technology,” in the entry, you can writesomething like: “This paper will examine the latest developmentsin the area of communication technology....” Be more certain soas not to leave space to doubt for the reader.

Also, you can apply the following expressions and words, whichwill highlight the plan of your paper:

  • The paper includes four parts...
  • First, it will consider...
  • Then it will keep on describing...
  • The third section compares...
  • In the end, some outcomes will be drawn regarding...

Fundamental Part

This section of your exemplification essay has to reveal every ofthe arguments applying to specific illustrations and examples.You need to divide this information logically into paragraphs.Think over the design of the paper and ensure that thefundamental section is logically connected to the conclusion.


This section summarizes the ideas you express in the other partsof the work. It is important to offer an answer to the questionposed in the topic of the paper. However, depending on thesubject, you can also define the consequences or the prospects ofthe issue you are examining.

It is also recommended to mention some good topics and subjectsthat are worth of further examination and reflection. Demonstrateyour personal opinions. Don’t forget to back them up applying tothe arguments that you quoted before.

A professional conclusion is characterized by the following:

  • It is not just a summary. It should be a profound terminationof the paper, for example, comparing the written to the realsituation.
  • It is an essence, that is, a short list of main thoughts. Itis recommended to apply to the entry and draw parallels with theassistance of the same key points or images, but with a differentformulation. Use different words to offer your statement.
  • It is a strengthening of the ideas of the fundamental sectionof the essay. Various types of papers need various outcomes. Ifyour essay is short, there is no need to offer a detailedrepetition of the basic ideas. If your essay is lengthy, it mightbe better to repeat those ideas.
  • It may suggest to a further question, a bright, efficientimage, a citation, if necessary.
  • It may also serve as a forecast of the consequences orresults, a possible solution, a call to action.

At the same time, there are things that you should avoid in theconclusion of the paper:

  • Proposing absolutely new ideas. If these ideas aresignificant, insert them in the fundamental section.
  • Using a justificatory tone. You need to be confident in thestatements you are making. Don’t apply phrases such as “Eventhough I am not an expert” or “This is how I think.”
  • Focusing on very few details.
  • Refuting the importance of arguments made previously.

May professors indicate that the conclusion is the most crucialsection. This is the part where students show whether or not theyhave good knowledge of the material and considerately reached theissue. Do not worry if the conclusion will make you rewrite otherparts of the paper.

If you don’t know how lengthy each part of the essay should be,keep in mind the following:

  • Entry – 7–8 % of the size of the paper
  • Conclusion – 12–15% of the size of the paper

Recommendations for Style

Don’t use too many difficult expressions and words. Stay awayfrom abbreviations and slang. Attempt to compose brief easyproposals. In the process, you can dilute them with longersentences. The objective is to show the essence in a clear way sothat the audience can easily keep the track of the course of yourthought and not be distracted by secondary arguments.

Formatting Recommendations

The obvious thing is that any errors and mistakes in theexemplification essay should be absent. Ensure that you correctall the mistakes. Moreover, remember that other people will bereading your essay, so use the right punctuation, divide the textinto paragraphs, etc. This way, your paper will have a goodstructure and it will be easier for your readers to read yourwork.

Stay away from the informal language:

  • Don’t apply abbreviations, always stick to the full form.
  • Don’t apply slang and colloquial expressions.
  • Stick to the main point without deviating from the subject.
  • Don’t use phrasal verbs, instead apply single-word synonyms.
  • Stay away from the words that are too general, instead beprecise and specific.
  • Don’t use too many exclamation marks, brackets, etc.

Follow the academic style:

  • Stay away from the first person personal pronouns, ifpossible.
  • Stay away from the categorical criticism and generalizations.
  • Back up the citations and data with sources.
  • Follow gender equality.
  • Apply an active voice without complicating the sentence, ifpossible.

Try to make your text objective:

  • Apply impersonal elements like “It is believed that,”“Undoubtedly,” etc.
  • If you don’t want to indicate the action’s performer, apply apassive voice.
  • Apply non-categorical verbs, like, suggest, claim, suppose,believe, assume, etc.
  • To demonstrate your position to the question, but to excludepersonal judgments, you can apply such adverbs as arguably,apparently, strangely, unexpectedly, and ideally.
  • Use modal verbs would, could, may, might, to soften thecategorical.
  • To stay away from generalizations, apply the more preciseadverbs like a minority, some, a few, several, and many.
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